About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is Lynne, and I am the person behind DollieBabies. I have been knitting now for just shy of 50 years. I was taught at a very early age by my mother who was an avid knitter. She used to knit for the big brand named patterns, so quite a lot of her knitting was pictured on the front of several knitting patterns, and in magazines. Although I have been knitting for decades, I am still learning new techniques, and it has only been in the last few years that I discovered knitting in lace, which does feature in some of my outfits, as it is very pretty

In 2011, I launched DollieBabies with my knitting pattern site. It started when a friend had a premature baby and was struggling to find clothes, other than dolls clothes for her little girl. I quickly whipped up a cardigan for her and wrote it down as I knitted it, and there was my first pattern!

Moving on to 10 years later, and I have just released my 100th pattern!

Due to all these knitting patterns, I now have just as many outfits that are ready to be worn. The last count was 96 outfits, and that doesn't include the projects I am working on now or have worked on since writing this!

So here we are in 2021, and I have launched my second site especially for the outfits. They have all been knitted by myself, and feature on the front of each pattern, just like my Mum's did!

I have listed them for sale here, as it seems such a shame that they are not being used for their real intention, and are just sitting packaged up in storage.

I hope you like the outfits and that my site will bring a smile to your face.

Thanks for reading and showing an interest.


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